Ahmedabad BirdRace



GREEN TEAMS: You can opt for your team to be a Green Team. A Green Team is one where the team members move around the city on foot, bicycles and/or using public transport (autos and taxis not included). Please indicate whether you are a Green Team during registration. All Green Teams will be recognized at the event after the Bird Race. 

  1. Each team will consist of 04 (four) persons (no less, no more, unless specially intimated to us) and each team must include a good birder who is familiar with the site's/region's avifauna.

  1. Choose the name of any bird as your team's name. (condition being it must be a species recorded in that particular region)

  1. You are free to constitute your own team but must ensure at least one of you is a proficient birder, familiar with the region's birdlife, and who can be the team captain.

  1. There is NO Registration Fee to take part in the Ahmedabad Bird Race.

  1. Each team will be provided with a Bird logbook consisting of a checklist of all species of birds recorded within the geographical limits of the Ahmedabad city, with appropriately marked columns for reporting observations. In case you happen to see any species not on this list, please include the same in the space provided.

  1. SAVE PAPER Go Green……..You can also use eBird app (Downloaded from Google play) and store your bird sightings on the app and directly send it to us (at the end of the day). This way you can save paper and help our objective of conserving the Mother Nature. You can download the app for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edu.cornell.birds.ebird&hl=en

  1. All Teams using this app for storing their bird sightings would be specifically recognized at the event after the Bird Race as GREEN TEAM. 

  1. The checklist of birds given in Logbook is in Alphabetical order

  1. Details on the Birdwatching sites in and around Ahmedabad is being made available to all participants.

  1. Birding is limited to a radius of 50 km of Ahmedabad.

  1. Each team must remain as a single unit for the entire day and till the evening programme.

  1. The organizers will not provide transportation, incidental expenses, breakfast or lunch during the Ahmedabad Bird Race.

  1. A team is free to choose its own route for the day. A team can visit any number of sites for birding around Ahmedabad.

  1. The Ahmedabad Bird Race ends at 5:15 pm in the evening. Plan your day in such a manner as to join at the evening venue not later than 5.30 pm for the prize ceremony and get-together.

  1. The team must remain present in the evening session at the specified venue latest by 5:30 pm.

  1. Please return the duly filled log book to the organizer in the evening. Please note that log books submitted after 6:00 pm will NOT be considered for any prizes.

  1. Please plan your travel to the venue considering the chaotic traffic of Ahmedabad city and make sure you start accordingly from your last birding destination to reach the venue on time.

  1. Important Birding Areas around Ahmedabad

  • Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar

  • Gujarat University & L.D. College Campus

  • ATIRA Campus

  • Thol Bird Sanctuary

  • Aranya Udhyan, (Eastern Part of Indroda Nature Park) Gandhinagar

  • Other wetlands around Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

  1. For any further queries or help please call

Virag Vyas – 9978984285, Irshad Theba – 9033364610