Bangalore BirdRace - 2011

Bangalore BirdRace 2010

Results of the Bangalore BirdRace 2010

1st place - Team Red-Throated Pied Martins

2nd place - Team White-throat

3rd place - Team Siberian Crane 

Bird of the day: Grey-necked Bunting - 1st record of this bird in Bangalore, sighted by two teams: Tawny Eagles & The J.P.Nagar Tytonids.

 PositionTeam  Species Tally     Team members 
1Red-Throated Pied Martins 150Mike Prince, Sachin Shurpali, Vinay Das, Sree Kumar 1st place
WhiteThroat 127Jayram Jagirdhar, Vinaya Kumar, Vikram, Mani 2nd place
Siberian Crane 125 Arun C, Arun Menon, Venu Krishna, Kiran Immidi  3rd place
Eagle 124   
The JP Nagar Tytonids 119 SK Srinivas, Hitesh Chowhan, Harshavardhan Joshi, Vinay Chandra, Husain Poonawala Bird of the day
6Indian Roller115  
Great Cormorant114   
Shaheen 111   
Team Dodo 110   
10Black Stork 109   
11 Falcons 108   
12 Owlet 107   
13 Tawny Eagles 105 Rajpal U.Navalkar, Sumesh PT, Mangesh Deherkar, Arunachallam Bird of the day
14 Rosefinch 103   
15 Aquila 100   
16Minivets 97   
17 The Jungle Fowls 95   
18  Wyryneck 94   
19 Floricans 93   
20 White Stork 90   
21 Black Shouldered Kite 84   
22 Shikra81   
22 Yellow-throated Bulbul 81   
23 Eagles Dare 75   
23Pygmy Woodpeckers 75   
24Bengaluru Kites 73   
25The Pied Harriers 67   
26 Wagtail 65   
27Bonelli's Eagle 63   
28Pitta 62   
29Hornbill 58   
30 Frogmouth 57   
31Short-toed Snake Eagle 48   

Comprehensive list of species recorded by ALL teams during Bangalore BirdRace 2010

Mike Prince's analysis of the BirdRace Log Books show that an impressive 238 species were recorded in total, from all teams combined. This was 88 more than the winning team themselves recorded. In other words, the winning team recorded about 63% of the overall total. Compared to bird races elsewhere, I think this is quite a low proportion, which tends to imply either that it should be possible for one team to get many more species than the winning total of 150, or may be that owing to Bangalore traffic and other logistics, it is not possible to visit all the best sites and habitats in the time available!


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