Bangalore Bird Race

Rules of the game

GREEN TEAMS: You can opt for your team to be a Green Team. A Green Team is one where the team members move around the city on foot, bicycles and/or using public transport (autos and taxis not included). Please indicate whether you are a Green Team during registration. All Green Teams will be recognised at the event after the BirdRace. 

1. Each team will consist of 4-5 members and each team must include an expert birder (preferably) who is familiar with the site's/region's avifauna.

2. Choose the name of any bird as your team's name.

3. Each team will have to choose a captain (whose name will have to be provided in the registration form)

4. There is NO registration fee to take part in the Bangalore BirdRace.

5. Each team will have to record the species they spot in the eBird mobile app. The team will have to provide the eBird login ID of the team captain in the registration form.  Download the eBird mobile app for Android / iOS

6. Please ensure you login the sightings separately for each of the location you visit.

7. The teams will have to share the sightings to the eBird ID : bangalorebirdrace.  Note: Sharing of the checklist is possible on ebird mobile app before submission

8. If you are a first time eBird mobile app user, kindly check the short video tutorial provided for a demo on creating a checklist. Also, we have provided some of the links you could go through to get acquainted with using eBird usage.

9. Details on the birdwatching sites in and around Bangalore is being made available to all participants. Please visit the resources page for the detailed map of birding places in and around Bangalore.

10. Birding is limited to a radius of 50 km of Bangalore. However, Nandi Hills is an exception to this rule. 

11. Each team must bird as a single unit for the entire event

12. The organizers will not provide transportation, incidental expenses, breakfast or lunch during the Bangalore BirdRace.

13. A team is free to choose its own route for the day.

14. You can walk, trek, dive or drive or even fly as much as you may to a site or a cluster of sites.

15. This BirdRace is a FULL DAY EVENT and will end with dinner at a chosen venue.

 16. The Bangalore BirdRace begins at dawn and ends at sun-down. Plan your day in such a manner as to converge at the evening venue not later than 6 pm for the prize ceremony and get-together. Please be aware of chaotic traffic while moving within the city, peak hour traffic while returning to the venue and plan your routes properly. Also, note that the evening's programme (at some of the venues) would get over close to 10 pm.  Hopefully, you wouldn't mind one groggy get-up on a Monday morning, for the love of the feathered birds.

Note: Based on multiple requests we have received, we decided to keep an option open for the teams to bird for only the morning half . They could relax for the afternoon and come for the evening gathering.