Download Birdr from Google Play

What is Birdr ?

Birdr is an Android application for birders to record their sightings on the field. 

How do I download Birdr ?

Click here to download Birdr from Google Play.

Why Birdr ?

The purpose of having an app to record sightings is multi-fold. While on one hand it will be easy to digitize the enormous amount of data generated during the BirdRaces, on the other hand BirdRaces will go greener by avoiding the print of several log books running into hundreds of pages. 

What platforms does Birdr run on ?
As of now Birdr runs on Anrdoid 4.0 and above. Unfortunately, as of now, we do not have an app for iOS or Windows Phone or Blackberry. 

What if I'm running an older version of Android ?

Android 4.0 is relatively old in the market. If you're running an older version of Android, check if your manufacturer has provided an upgrade to your device. Most phones sold in the last 2 - 2.5 years either have Android 4.0 or have an upgrade for the same. 

Is it absolutely necessary to use Birdr for the BirdRaces ?

We prefer that you use Birdr during the BirdRace. In the rare event that none of your team members have a compatible phone for running Birdr, you may contact the organizers to obtain a copy of the log book, which you can use. 

How are BirdRace sightings tracked ?

All sightings that you add are organized in lists. You can create/edit/delete as many lists as you want. When you login with your BirdRace username/password, a new list by name <YourCity> BirdRace 2015 is created. On the day of the BirdRace, ensure that you add sightings to this list only. 

Does Birdr require an active internet connection ?

You need an internet connection only for the first time to login. You can login even before the BirdRace.  After you are logged in, you can add all your sightings offline. And they can be reconciled at the end of the day of the BirdRace.

Can I use Birdr before/after the BirdRace?

Absolutely, yes. You can use Birdr for any of your bird-watching outings. In Birdr, you can organize your sightings into various lists. You can create a new list for each of your outings and use it. Just take care that you add your sightings to separate lists and not mix up the sightings. 

How can I submit my sightings on the evening of the BirdRace ?

At the venue where all birders congregate on the evening of the BirdRace, you will be provided with tools to upload your sightings. 

How can I mark an observation as 'heard only' ?

A long press on the name of the bird will provide you an option to specify the observation as 'heard only'

I have a question / suggestion. What do I do ?

If you have a question or a suggestion, you can provide feedback from within the app. Alternatively, you can write to us at