Hyderabad BirdRace 

Rules of the game

1.  Each car will have four persons including 1 captain and this will form a Team. (Two motorbikes with four riders can also be considered a team). 

2. Cars, with the Captain and team members to report at 6:30 am sharp on the day of the BirdRace, at the Flag-off venue 

3. All teams to carry the vehicle documents and Govt Issued ID Cards for access to places.

4. Each car will be given a sticker with a bird name.  This has to be stuck prominently on the front windshield in the upper left-hand corner.

5. There will be a briefing of the rules and each car will be given a logbook and breakfast hampers and all will be flagged off together at 7:00 am.

6. There is no entry fee. Fuel expenses will have to be shared by the participants. You have to carry your own lunch, water and snacks, including binoculars and field guides. As usual we advise you to wear dull colored clothing, good walking shoes and a cap.

7. You can visit as many places as you can – the more the better.  We have also listed a few prominent places in the logbook for your convenience.

8. The cars must return latest by 5:30 pm and the captains have to submit the logbooks to the organizers at venue.  Refreshments will be served on arrival, which you will need badly, anyway! Please note that teams submitting logbooks after 6:00 pm will be disqualified. So, give enough margins for traffic jams and we suggest you target to reach the venue by 5:30 pm.

9. The function will start by about 7:00 pm. There would be a few talks by the organizers to kick off the get-together and maybe a short speech by the Chief Guest. All Captains will also be required to speak for Two minutes each recounting the team’s experience for the day. We expect you to make this as lively and funny as possible!  This will be followed by the prize distribution and dinner for all the participants.

10.  If a winning team comprises more than four members (e.g. children), the number of prizes given will still be limited to four.