Pune BirdRace

Rules of the game

Rules & Logistics:

1) This is a team exercise. A team of 4 or 5 persons is a must and which must include a good birder who is familiar with the site's/region's avifauna.


2) Each team will have its own unique Bird name, and you are free to choose your name, the only condition being it must be a species recorded in that particular region. You can call your team Jungle Babblers, Black Drongos, whatever


3) You are also free to constitute your own team but please ensure that at least one of you is a proficient birder, familiar with the region's birdlife, and he/she will be the Team Captain. 

4) Every team will remain as a composite unit for the entire day and until the evening's programme. The team may, if it so wishes, employ the services of a driver for their vehicle (if they should choose a site that involves driving). This driver may or may not be a birdwatcher. In fact, depending upon sites chosen, please try constitute a team in such a manner that at least one of you has access to a vehicle. 

5) There are no pre-determined routes or birding spots. Any team is free to choose its own route and site for the day. (But not very far considering the fact that all team and participants have to converge for the evening's programme. You can walk, trek or drive as much as you may to a site or a cluster of sites within approx.60 kms around Pune.


There may be two or five or ten teams in the same area. That doesn't matter and is in fact the secret to this Bird Race.  

6)  The BirdRace begins at dawn and ends just before sunset, say about 6:00 pm at the evening venue where all the teams need to submit their day's report. Please note that reports submitted after 6:00 pm will NOT be considered for any prizes.


7) The evening's programme would start at 6:00 pm and get close by around 11.00 pm. For sure, you wouldn't mind one groggy get-up on a Monday morning, for birds' sake. 

8) A team does not discuss with any other team what it has recorded but merely logs it all down in the provided bird-list logbook or the app. The logbook contains details of the sites covered and the route taken. The captain of each team presents this logbook at the evening presentation (before 5.30 pm) to the special adjudication team whose decision will be final. 

9)  The Team with the maximum number of species recorded as acceptable is adjudged the winner. There will be some exciting prizes that will be announced soon.

There is a BIRD OF THE DAY PRIZE. This goes to the team that has reported a most exciting species for the day.


Logging of data:
Starting this year, participants will be provided with an Android app to record sightings. Participants are requested to use the app to record sightings. The username and password for using the app will be provided to the participants.

1. All species sighted/heard must have been done so by all members of a team, and must have been positively identified. All species that have been heard only must be marked with a HO in the Logbook/app but will qualify as a species entry.

2. Only species mentioned in the provided list will be accepted. This list will be emailed and you may print the same. However, the logbook (list with appropriate columns) will be provided separately. Any sightings of species other than on this list should be reported as a separate entry in a suitable spot on your logbook. This list has been prepared from all known records of the region's avifauna.

3. Please note that the decision made by the adjudicators will be considered final. The adjudicators will have all the rights to verify the sightings if they have any doubts. Any report with more than 5 wrong entries (if found by adjudicators) will be considered void.


4. Any dead or injured bird(s) which may come across during the course of the BirdRace do not count as a species entry.

5. All species, residents, winter-migrants must be recorded. 

6. Most importantly, no manner of artificial attraction of birds would be allowed. No clapping, chucking a stone into the canopy or other form of flushing or attracting by any form of whistling or other source. No attraction of birds by tape-recording is allowed. The welfare of birds must come first, always and every time. Do not collect eggs or otherwise disturb a nest. Any team, if found to violate this term, will be DISQUALIFIED from the race.

What you will be provided:

1) A Logbook/app, that contains the species list of the region, to note down all details, the team composition, routes, final tally, other needs.

2) Written permission, where required

What you must carry:
Food (as required, keeping in mind you will be out pre-dawn to dusk). Of course, you can make-up at the evening's dinner.
Water (as required)
A change of clothes (as may be reqd for the evening's programme)
Your Binoculars, a Bird field-guide, Cap etc


The organizers will not provide transportation, incidental expenses, breakfast or Lunch during the Pune Bird Race.

What we gain:
Besides the fun element, this exercise helps in team spirit, team building, integrity, and patience. And of course, ability to once-in-a-while come together for Nature.

We could also get a rough idea of what could be the number of species sighted over a 12 hour day period in this over-built, overpopulated region, and what this means. 

How to participate:

1. Every Bird-lover is welcome to participate in the Pune Bird Race.

2. To take part in the Bird Race you MUST register your name/team with the organizers of Mumbai Bird Race.

3. To register yourself or your team, please register on this website and include your name, address, Telephone number(s), Mobile No., e-mail ID. Also, indicate if you are alone or part of a team. If you are part of a team, please send the details on all the team members, as indicated above. The Mumbai Bird Race team will get back to you.

4. Please indicate if you have a vehicle of your own and if you are using your car, indicate if you are willing to take others on the Bird Race.

5. The registration will begin from December 06, 2013 onwards.

6. Details on the Bird watching sites in and around and the venue for the evening function/get- together will be made known later - to all the registered participants.